Specialist in Glaucoma, Cataract, Pediatrics

The COP9 Psychomotor Team in Paris

At the heart of COP9, Dr. Stephanie Zwillinger, an experienced ophthalmologist specializing in children and adults, and her multidisciplinary team offer a unique psychomotor care program in Paris.

Designed to complete the treatment of patients of all ages, the sessions are carried out by our psychomotor team, who are available and at your service.

Offering you a versatile, innovative and personalized psychomotor approach

COP9 proposes to complete the treatment of patients with a coordinated care program in psychomotor therapy and ophthalmology.

Dr. Stephanie Zwillinger has observed that a visual disorder can lead to psychomotor deficiencies, such as psychomotor development in children and psychomotor disorders in adults.

The objective of the COP9 team is to accompany all our patients by proposing an innovative approach to them through the use of psychomotor therapy.

We emphasize the importance of multidisciplinary treatment for both children and adults. This unique paramedical approach provides patients with specific solutions to their individual needs. We use all our expertise and skills in a professional and caring manner.

The missions of our psychomotor therapists

The psychomotor therapist is a state-qualified health care assistant who works under medical prescription. Their work consists of screening, treatment and rehabilitation of psychomotor disorders, which can be carried out at any age.

This health professional looks at the patient’s psychic, emotional, psychological and motor aspects in order to allow the patient to find harmony in their body.

During the first meeting, the therapist performs an examination using standardized tests. If required, the therapist will then start a program of psychomotor rehabilitation, fine and global motor skills, with therapeutic objectives.

Our COP9 practice and its psychomotor team accompany their patients with a general psychomotor approach, as well as a complete and adapted care for patients with specific needs.

The objectives of psychomotor therapy support

A visual impairment can have multiple consequences on the psychomotor development of a child.

Depending on the child’s development, pediatric psychomotor support can have different objectives:

  • To develop the psychomotor prerequisites of the child (muscle tone, motor skills, representation of the body, touch, laterality, spatio-temporal organization) necessary for basic school learning and Braille for blind children.
  • Prepare the instruction for locomotion: encourage motor control, tonic-emotional regulation. To work on balance and coordination through stimulation, but also on the mental representation of the body schema. These prerequisites are essential in the context of guiding techniques and the use of the cane for the blind.
  • Develop the expressive and postural-motor repertoire by offering a variety of sensory-motor experiences.
  • Improve adaptation skills in the face of change and new situations: put meanings into words and vocabulary by using the body to reduce verbosity.

Psychomotor team have a solid base in general psychomotor therapy in order to take care of their patients in an efficient manner thanks to a psychomotor evaluation. Do not hesitate to make an appointment in our center, or contact us for more information.

The psychomotor team: Emilie Regard

Emilie REGARD de l'équipe psychomotrice

Psychomotrician graduated from the Institut Supérieur de Rééducation Psychomotrice de Paris, Émilie Regard welcomes you to the COP office.

At the heart of our multidisciplinary team, our paramedical therapists, Émilie Regard and Léa Forlorou, work in close collaboration with the ophthalmologist Stéphanie Zwillinger. The objective is to provide psychomotor therapy to children, and to create a personalized therapeutic project allowing them to improve their link between the physical and the emotional.

Specialized in pediatric care, especially for very young children, Emilie Regard is also trained in sign language and communication (French Sign Language and Makaton) and in the management of aggressiveness and behavioral disorders. During her sessions, she practices G.B Soubiran psychosomatic relaxation techniques.

It is at our town practice location that we invite you to make an appointment with our psychomotor team in order to obtain personalized care for your children, yourself or a loved one.