Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger, ophthalmic surgeon

Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger

Status :

Doctor of medicine

Specialising in ophthalmology, former assistant at the Quinze-Vingts National Ophthalmology Hospital

Practitioner attached to the Quinze-Vingts National Ophthalmology Hospital

Carrying out research and management of complex glaucoma as well as complex ophthalmopaediatric management.

Qualifications :

University diploma in contactology

Inter-university diploma in retinal imaging
European Board of Ophtalmology
Diploma of Specialised Studies in Ophthalmology
Inter-university diploma in ocular surface.

Career and Publications :

Doctor of Medicine thesis: optic nerve sheath meningioma

Master of Biostatistics
Glaucoma screening campaign
Imaging the optic disc
Report of the French Society of Ophthalmology imaging of the optic nerve
Lecturer at the French Collège des Hautes Etudes de Médecine.

About Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger

Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger, ophthalmic surgeon practices in her surgery located at 76 rue Saint Lazare à Paris, in the 9th arrondissement. A specialist in paediatric ophthalmology, cataracts and glaucoma, Dr Zwillinger was awarded the Glaucoma Prize of the French Society of Ophthalmology in 2014 as well as the Research Prize of the French Society of Ophthalmology. She has also published articles and participated in the writing of books on the subject. As a practitioner attached to the Quinze-Vingts National Ophthalmology Hospital, she is often called upon by television and the press to contribute as an expert.

Paediatric ophthalmology and surgery

Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger provides paediatric monitoring for optimal ophthalmological healthcare for the children she follows. A former intern at the Hôpital Necker-Enfants Malades, she now operates on cataracts in children and congenital glaucoma.

Your child receives the best possible care thanks to very close and thorough monitoring. The interventions help to slow down the disease or even to recover better visual acuity.

Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger, glaucoma and cataract specialist

As an eye surgeon, Dr. Zwillinger, with her team, exercises using the latest equipment. Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger is an acknowledged specialist in glaucoma and cataracts. She has been treating eye diseases for many years, performing operations when necessary and personally accompanying her patients.

Creation of the COP9 concept

Creator of COP9 center :

A unique multidisciplinary practice offering patients a complete coordinated care program. Thanks to her experience in pediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma and cataracts, she has assembled a team of orthoptists, psychomotor therapists and contactologists in order to meet the needs of people of all ages suffering from ocular pathologies, whether they are visually impaired or not. An inclusive area offering adapted care, originating from Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger’s desire to offer her patients regular and personalized ophthalmologic follow-ups.

Awards :

French Ophthalmology Society Research Award :

Adaptive optics and cribriform lamina

French Glaucoma Society research prize :

Exploration of the cribriform lamina, innovation in imaging

SFO Glaucoma Prize 2014
French Glaucoma Society Prize 2013
Member of the CPP Île de France II
Expert for the" Together against myopia" observatory
Prize for the best free communication 2013

by the French Glaucoma Society (119th congress of the French Ophthalmology Society)

ophtalmologie pédiatrique

Pediatric Ophthalmology

The accompaniment for the visual development of children

La cataracte

The cataract

Surgery adapted to the wishes and focusing needs of each patient


The glaucoma

Screening, diagnosis, and treatment of this disease, the second leading cause of blindness worldwide

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