Glaucoma is an eye disease that usually affects people over the age of 45. An estimated one million people in France are affected. It is hereditary. Glaucoma is often linked to a rise in intraocular pressure. This causes damage to the optic nerve and the visual field. Some patients suffer from glaucoma even though their pressure is normal. In these cases, only a specialist in this pathology, such as Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger, can carry out an appropriate screening.



and its various forms

There are two main types. Open angle glaucoma and angle closure glaucoma. The first is due to an inadequacy between the secretion and evacuation of the aqueous humour by the trabeculum (a kind of filter). This process is slow, and the patient does not feel the effects of the increased pressure in the eye. Therefore, only screening can prevent late diagnosis. The second form is more brutal: acute glaucoma combines severe pain with a loss of vision and is an emergency. A glaucoma operation is then often necessary. In all cases, only regular monitoring can detect, diagnose, and stabilise a potentially blinding condition.


the different types


the treatment

They all need to be treated. This can be done in several ways, depending on the diagnosis made by Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger :

The aim is to stop the evolution of the disease. Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger will be able to answer all your questions and reassure you as to what action needs to be taken.

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The glaucoma

Screening, diagnosis, and treatment of this disease, the second leading cause of blindness worldwide

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