Eye surgery and Parkinson

Understanding eye surgery and Parkinson

People affected with Parkinson syndromes can also, like anybody their age, be affected with ocular pathologies (glaucoma, cataract,…). But more importantly, Parkinson symptoms do not deprive them of being treated or undergoing surgery. In this article, we will enlighten you regarding eye surgery and Parkinson: Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger and her team are here for each and everyone ocular health. Continue your reading to learn more about it !

Eye surgery and Parkinson :


Parkinson’s disease causes uncontrolled movements, a slowness in the movements and muscular stiffness. These motor disorders are the main symptoms of this neural system pathology. Persons suffering from Parkinson can also be affected with vision disturbances of many forms. Neural degenerescence will influence the eye movement as well as ocular muscles’ stiffness. The treatment can also have side effects on the eyes. 

However, many other ocular pathologies are not connected to Parkinson. They may have been present since the disease has been diagnosed or appear after. And medical care must be ensured at any rate. With aging or because of another pathology (such as diabetes), the patient can be affected with a field of vision loss.

parkinson's disease and visual impairment

Eye surgery and Parkinson?

 It is possible, but more importantly necessary to slow or even stop the progression of the ocular disease, such as cataract or glaucoma.

Eye surgery and Parkinson's care pathway

The health pathway

for eye surgery and Parkinson

If your relative affected with Parkinson’s disease notices a change in his or her vision, you have to talk about it to your general practitioner or neurologist quickly enough. The physician will then invite you to make an appointment with an eye specialist. In our practice, you’ll get access to:

  • Our orthoptist team, which will perform the first exams, check the medical pathway of the person affected with Parkinson, give continuous cares if necessary; 
  • Our ophthalmologist, Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger, eye surgeon who will perform complementary exams (imagery, etc.), diagnose and discuss the possibility for eye surgery and Parkinson;
  • Our psychomotor team, which will help to deal with vision disturbance day-by-day, put strategies, layouts and environmental adaptations in place, perform personalized exercises with patients affected with Parkinson’s disease during psychomotor sessions. 

As a part of eye surgery and Parkinson, and adapted health pathway is established by Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger in our COP9 space. Our team ensure multidisciplinary cares and gives you access in a single location to a suitable follow up.

Eye surgery and Parkinson :

a COP9 specialty

Some visual disturbances and Parkinson’s disease symptoms look similar. For this reason, inform your ophthalmologist regarding your pathologyas much as you can in order to get a precise diagnosis.

Eye surgery and Parkinson are compatible. As such, it is one of our eye surgeon specialties. Whether at the beginning of the disease or a while after, our team takes people affected with Parkinson in charge. This motor disorder causes involuntary eye movements in some patients. By adapting her operating method to these motor fluctuations, Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger performs surgical treatment to this ocular disease as well.

Speciality COP9 eye surgery and Parkinson

Diagnosis for eye surgery : how does it work ?

Our ophthalmologist diagnoses in advance the possibility for eye surgery and Parkinson. Each case is unique, and every patient has a personalized, inclusive and caring therapeutic follow up.

To perform the procedure, your surgeon needs to first perform functional explorations. She will work in collaboration with her medical COP9 team of orthoptists and psychomotor therapists. In addition to optical care, our center offers outpatient consultations in order to re-educate patients affected with Parkinson.

Finally, eye surgery is programmed at the hospital. The procedure can be an outpatient surgery, or, for patients whose neurological disorder are too advanced, a few day of hospitalization can be considered.

To conclude

To conclude this article about eye surgery and Parkinson, we recommend people affected with Parkinson’s disease to perform an eye exam at least once a year. This screening ensures your eye health, even if you did not notice anything! We offer you personalized therapeutic solutions, so do not hesitate to make an appointment in order to meet Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger.

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