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cataract surgery

Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger gave an interview to the magazine Femme Actuelle to talk about cataract surgery. Do not hesitate to check this article about the surgery for patients affected with Alzheimer, or that one about congenital cataract.

Why perform cataract surgery?

In this Femme Actuelle article, Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger remind us about three importants points regarding cataract surgery:

  1. “there is no such thing as a medical treatment, nor eye drops, nor drugs, that can cure cataract”, surgery is the only solution to cure this pathology;
  2. “cataract is the first cause of blindness in the world”, that’s why it is crucial to operate in time;
  3. “when the lens volume increases, it can be the source of an intraocular pressure rise”, and high ocular tension is one of the main reasons to get cataract surgery!

You can find more explanations regarding the clouding of the lens here, in order to complete the Femme Actuelle article.

“Nowadays, cataract surgery is very standard”

The operating method can slightly vary from one eye surgeon to another. But Dr.Stéphanie Zwillinger points out that the main goal of this surgery is always the same: removing the lens and replacing it with an implant.

Furthermore, a bilateral surgery, meaning performed on both eyes at the same time, is pretty rare. Most of the time, one eye undergo surgery, then the other one, 15 days to a month later, if necessary.

If you want to know more regarding:

  • the causes of cataract;
  • the different steps of the surgery;
  • the aftermath of cataract surgery.

Continue your reading by clicking on the link below!

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