“Cataract cause and symptoms” an article to understand this disease

Cataract cause and symptom

Cataract is a condition characterized by the opacification of the natural lens of the eye. It can be of traumatic or congenital origin, especially in children. In order to avoid any complications, it is necessary to treat it.

Common causes of cataracts

Cataracts and their causes are often misunderstood. However, aging of the lens, trauma or disease are common causes for the development of a cataract in adults.

In children, the appearance of a cataract is most often of congenital origin. A consultation in pediatric ophthalmology is then recommended. Indeed, an untreated cataract can lead to retinal detachment and edema.

Congenital glaucoma can occur in babies. Although it remains quite rare, it can be very serious. A consultation with a pediatric ophthalmologist will enable the detection of the disease and the emergency intervention.

Recognizing the symptoms of cataracts

The symptoms of cataracts are not always recognizable. Decreased visual acuity and photophobia (increased sensitivity and discomfort with light) are among the most common symptoms.

À l’inverse, les personnes atteintes de cataracte peuvent également ressentir le besoin d’augmenter la luminosité In contrast, people with cataracts may also feel the need to increase the amount of light they have when reading. Vision becomes progressively blurred and contrasts, reliefs and colors may become difficult to distinguish.

You have a doubt, a question?

A visual field examination with an eye surgeon can help you detect a cataract.

If you have the slightest doubt, a consultation will allow us to make a diagnosis and if necessary to take action.

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