Discover 5 types of glaucoma surgery [Femme Actuelle]

5 types of glaucoma surgery : Dr Stephanie Zwillinger during a surgery.

In this article from French weekly magazine Femme Actuelle, journalist Esther Buitekant has teamed up with Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger to learn more about glaucoma surgery.

You can find here excerpts from this press article: we invite you to click on the button at the bottom of the page to access the full content (in French)!

Is glaucoma surgery mandatory ?

Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger informs you that glaucoma surgery is not the first solution! There are other medical possibilities. It will be recommended to:

  • follow a drug treatment;
  • perform laser treatment.

However, these medical solutions may not be sufficient. For instance, the intraocular pressure target is not reached, or the patient can not cope with the proposed treatments.

In this case, this surgery becomes the only way to treat this ocular pathology.

We remind you that this surgery lasts only about thirty minutes, under local anesthesia, in outpatient care. Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger takes care of all types of patients, such as those with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

The 5 types of glaucoma surgery

Depending on the type of glaucoma, there are different surgery procedures. Our specialist, Stéphanie Zwillinger, selects the most suitable one according to the patient’s profile and type of glaucoma:

  • perforating trabeculectomy;
  • non-perforating deep sclerectomy;
  • laser surgery;
  • micro-invasive surgery;
  • valve surgery.

To find out more about these 5 types of glaucoma surgery, we invite you to click on the button below! (article in French)

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