When should you change your glasses? [Femme Actuelle]

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Change your glasses: yes, but when? In this article from French magazine Femme Actuelle, Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger answers Esther Buitekant’s questions on this subject which concerns 7 out of 10 French people. To know how to recognize the first signs, the ages at which to make this change, and more, keep reading!

What are the signs that you need to change your glasses?

Several signs can alert you that it is time to change your glasses, at any age: 

  • eye fatigue in front of screens ;
  • bleary eyes;
  • recurrent migraines;
  • photophobia (not being able to tolerate light).

But Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger points out in this Femme Actuelle article that most often, there are no signs. Therefore, it is important to have check-up visits at the appropriate pace depending on your age and vision.

Finally, some of the symptoms cited above can also correspond to general fatigue. People working many hours a day on screens may be affected by simple visual fatigue, and not an eye pathology. However, this does not prevent you from regularly consulting your ophthalmologist!

If you have no ophthalmological problems, you can make an appointment every three years. To find out the pace adapted to your profile, you can click on this link.

When should children’s and adolescents’ glasses be changed?

Specializing in pediatrics, Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger explains in this article the pace to follow for children and adolescents:

  • up to 6 years old, glasses must be changed every year;
  • after 6 years old, glasses must be changed every two years;
  • myopic adolescents, every year.

Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger reminds you that it is not mandatory to have 10/10 in each eye to see well on a daily basis: do not hesitate to watch our reels on Instagram on the subject!

To find out when to change the elderly’s glasses, and discover the article in its entirety, do not hesitate to click on the button below. But before that, the COP9 team invites you to complete your reading with our articles on “My vision weakens, what should I do?” and “Why does the field of vision decline?”.

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