In order to ensure the correct protection for your eyes, you will find in this article all the advice and tips of our COP9 team concerning the questions you ask yourself: how to protect your eyes from the sun? How to find your way around the different categories of sunglasses? And how to adapt your choice according to your age, your vision and your lifestyle? All the answers can be found below! 

protect your eyes
Protect your eyes at all ages!

How to protect your eyes from the sun?

Concerned about the health and care of your eyes, the COP9 team encourages you to wear sunglasses. Effective against the sun’s glare, they protect your cornea from the rays of light and provide optimal protection as well as a reduction in eye strain on a daily basis.

As the weather gets warmer, the amount of sunlight increases, as does the desire to have a drink on the patio or to enjoy the outdoor surroundings of your home. To ensure optimal protection, it is good to know the reflective surfaces that can cause high light levels.

Did you know that sand reflects 10% of the sun’s rays? Water increases light rays by 20% and snow by up to 80%! A strong luminosity is imposed on you: protection becomes a necessity.

Your sunglasses will not only protect your eyes against the sun’s rays but also the glare of the rays. In the face of a high degree of luminosity, your eyes are assured of better protection: you will then be able to fully enjoy the mountains, as well as the sea or your favorite bistro from this spring!

How will sunglasses protect your eyes?

For effective eye protection, COP9 invites you to refer to the CE standard and the advice of your optician. This professional will make sure that your sunglasses protect you from UV rays (UVA and UVB). And we haven’t forgotten about those who wear prescription glasses! There are also sunglasses available with corrective lenses that are adapted to your visual field.

The European classification standards for sunglasses have identified 4 categories to protect the eyes.

The COP9 team presents the different levels of protection (also called protection index) of sunglasses: 

How to choose your sunglasses ? If you have any doubts about your protection factor, we encourage you to discuss it with your optician or ophthalmologist during a consultation

Ultraviolet rays are found in sunlight. UVA and UVB rays are harmful to your eyes, and wearing tinted glasses absorbs these rays. Depending on the level of protection, tinted lenses provide more or less protection for your eyes from UV rays. The higher the UV protection, the better the eye is protected. 

Choosing anti-UV tinted glasses, with polarized lenses, is therefore the appropriate and accessible solution for everyone for optimum visual comfort! 

Protecting everybody’s eyes, at any age!

In order to protect your eyes, considering buying a pair of sunglasses is the right thing to do. But how to choose them, according to your age and your needs?

At the opticians, you will find different models of glasses:

As we grow older and age, our eyes become more fragile. Don’t hesitate to ask about a pair of glasses with polarized lenses that will be more effective.

Drivers, watch out for tired eyes! With constant direct sun exposure, your eyes make many movements while driving. Even if the weather seems a little cloudy, consider buying tinted driving glasses.

Child, teenager, adult fan of outdoor sports activities? It is necessary to protect your eyes during your jogging session, for example, with a pair of polarized tinted glasses.

Finally, do you have a visual acuity that requires glasses? Don’t be left in the dark by wearing your sunglasses, and don’t choose not to protect your eyes from UV rays! Opt for corrective sunglasses adapted to your visual field. Ask your ophthalmologist, your orthoptist or optician for advice!

The COP9 team concludes this article with this simple tip: don’t hesitate to splash out on one or more pairs of sunglasses! An undeniable fashion accessory, by following our advice, you will find the right sunglasses just for you!

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