Specialist in Glaucoma, Cataract, Pediatrics

Pediatric Ophthalmology

The pediatric ophthalmologist treats all visual disorders, from newborns to adolescents. One in eight children has a visual defect. As a specialist in young patients, Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger accompanies the child during their treatment and in the monitoring and of his or her visual disorder.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Why consult a child ophthalmologist?

At birth, vision is not fully mature and visual acuity develops gradually until it reaches 10/10. Paediatric ophthalmology monitors children’s vision, regardless of the pathology. Children are not examined like small adults : a specialised examination with a thorough investigation of the back of the eye by a paediatric ophthalmologist is important to detect refractive disorders and ocular pathologies. Some children are more at risk. For example, babies born prematurely, babies of amblyopic parents or babies with strabismus can benefit from very early monitoring. There is no minimum age for consulting an ophthalmologist. The examinations will be adapted to each age. Screening for certain pathologies at an early age helps to avoid delays in treatment.

How often should we see a pediatric ophthalmologist?

At 1, 3 and 6 years of age, these are the important screening ages. Refractive disorders can be screened at any age, but these are the key ages to bring children for a consultation. Because there are everyday signs that can lead you to seek help. For example, red eyes, the impression that the child is cross-eyed, white reflections in the pupils, or even poor results at school or recurrent conjunctivitis… Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger will advise you on the appropriate care and will give you an appointment schedule for the monitoring of your child.

Here is some information on certain pathologies in pediatric ophthalmology:

  • The Cataract, involving an impairment of visual acuity caused by the opacification of one or both lenses.
    • For more information on the cataract, please find at your disposal this PDF document that you can view or download.
  • Congenital glaucoma, which can lead to vision loss.
    • For more information on congenital glaucoma, please find at your disposal this PDF document that you can view or download.
  • Strabismus, is a deviation of the eyes, which can sometimes indicate a vision disorder of varying severity.
    • For more information on strabismus, please find at your disposal this PDF document that you can view or download.