[Top Santé]Visual disorder in children

Trouble visuel chez l'enfant

“In pediatric ophthalmology, we see children from birth.”

This advice, gave by our specialist, comes with an official recommendation to make an appointment for your child with a pediatric ophthalmologist at:

  • the age of one y.o;
  • the age of three y.o;
  • the age of six y.o.

And even if you do not detect any specific disorder! The earlier the child is being taking care of, the faster he or she will get the proper and adapted care, or heal even, if he or she is affected with an ocular disease.

A presentation of the main visual disorders in children

You can have a hard time finding any sense in the ocular pathologies glossary! You can find more information in this text we wrote, or refer to the Top Santé article.

In the Top Santé article, Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger’s main purpose is to present to you as clearly as possible the various visual disorders that might affect a child, such as:

  • refractive disorders (hyperopia, astigmatism, myopia);
  • strabismic disorders (divergent or convergent).

Parents, worry not if you haven’t detected any anomaly! As explained by Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger, “in 90% of the cases, you cannot notice it if the pediatrician did not report it or if you have not consulted anyone”.

Do not hesitate to read the full article to become more aware of the subject!

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