Graphomotricity for ADHD

Graphomotricity for ADHD grants to children affected with behavioral disorders, with or without hyperactivity, a follow-up and a reeducation. And our psychomotor team is trained to offer personalized sessions to every and any child! But first, find out in this article graphomotricity for ADHD: Why? To what end? How will you, as a parent, accompany this therapeutic project in a good way?

Graphomotricity for ADHD :

what is the need of this reeducation ?

Holding a pencil, drawing then writing requires precise coordination from the brain. Graphomotor skill comes naturally to children around 2 years of age. They will develop a global motricity, then refine it little by little. 

The eye perceives information, sends it to the brain that will receive it, grow and guide the hand. The complex achievement of actions, such as how to precisely write letters, is a gradual process. The eye guides the hand better and better, which can then perform more complex designs.

graphomotricity for ADHD reeducation

Did you know ?

Lateralization and the development of the body map structure the body image. They contribute to the creation of spatial perception. All this psychomotor information extend the central nervous system and the adaptation to its environment becomes more and more important.

Drawing or writing are complex actions: some children will face learning difficulties. And that’s where graphomotricity for ADHD will come into play!

graphomotricity for ADHD checkup

Graphomotricity for ADHD :

realize a psychomotor check-up

First, a psychomotor therapist will make a precise diagnosis through a set of psychomotor check-ups. 

Psychomotor mechanisms used when writing are studied by the specialist. He or she may diagnose other needs (such as DYS, or learning disorders), which require an adaptation and personalized reeducation.

Graphomotricy for ADHD can be suggested following the observation of:

  • a visual-motor coordination disturbance;
  • a concentration disorder and/or motor hyperactivity;
  • difficulties to tell right from left;
  • difficulties in writing
  • difficulties in location in space
  • a graphic efficiency disorder
  • reading disorders, etc.

The, the psychomotor therapist can include graphomotricity for ADHD in his or her psychomotor sessions. These sessions match precise needs for the child affected with attention deficit disorder, with or without hyperactivity.

Graphomotricity for ADHD :

Therapeutic project

Once the screening for disorder is performed and identified, the psychomotor therapist can put his or her therapeutic project in place. Graphomotricity for ADHD is a solution for those with writing difficulties.

During the sessions, the professional leans on the learning process reports of the young patient to detect his or her acquisition disorder. The goal is to offer the child solutions and methods easy to set up, in order to compensate for his or her difficulties and avoid exhaustion.

The Specialist covers the bases on which written forms lean on and consolidate these knowledges with practical exercises and experimentsduring the psychomotor sessions

The goals are:

  • to know his or her body better;
  • to discover his or her potential; 
  • to learn how to adapt to writing constraints with his or her ADHD

Every session, the therapeutic project is committed to offer to the child a pleasure of practicing written forms, as well as gaining self confidence.

graphomotricity for ADHD therapeutic project

Graphomotricity for ADHD: encouraging and accompanying the child!

Our psychomotor team emphasize the fact that either at school or during the sessions, the child (or the teenager) can develop a strong tendency to devalue and discourage him or herself.

Well experienced and trained, our team offers you 4 advices:

  • follow the tips regarding the material layout provided by the specialist that accompany your children;
  • always value the achievements and advancements of the child affected with ADHD;
  • normalize medical support: everyone needs help one day or another!
  • Lean on the help plans set up at school.

Furthermore, our psychomotor team will put on a rewarding and caring course to ensure a comprehensive learning environment of graphomotricity for children affected with ADHD.

To conclude

our article about graphomotor for ADHD

Graphomotricity for ADHD offers solutions to dysgraphia in order to avoid school failure. Ophthalmological check-ups or even neuropsychological ones can be asked. To complete the care pathway of your child, a medical drug treatment can be prescribed for children affected with ADHD. Numerous solutions exist to face the attention deficit and learning disorders.

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