Floaters after 50 [Femme Actuelle]

Floaters after 50 : an old asian man getting an eye examination

Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger spoke to journalist Esther Buitekant to provide her expertise on the issue of floaters after 50: what is this eye pathology? Do floaters increase with age? How to treat them? The COP9 team will give you some initial information here, and we invite you to click on the link to the article (in French) at the end of this page.

What causes floaters to increase after age 50?

Over time, the vitreous body of your eye will change. As a reminder, the vitreous is a transparent, colorless gelatinous mass, and is located between the lens and the retinal membrane, at the back of the eye. After 50 years, it happens with natural aging that the vitreous becomes detached. This phenomenon cannot be prevented and causes floaters in the eye.

In addition, Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger specifies to French weekly magazine Femme Actuelle that there are other risk factors causing floaters in the eye:

We previously wrote an article on eye floaters, do not hesitate to consult it in order to complete the Femme Actuelle article.

What are the treatments for floaters after 50?

It is therefore important to treat the cause of floaters, based on a precise diagnosis carried out by your ophthalmologist, in order to see them reduce or even disappear, depending on the pathology being treated.

In some rare cases, with very large floaters, laser surgery may be offered by the vision specialist. However, this method only applies to floaters that can be individualized by their larger than normal size.

We now invite you to click on the button below to take full advantage of the Femme Actuelle article: you will learn more about the treatment and causes of floaters after 50!

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