Can we put glasses on baby?

Baby can't see that he has a sight problem

Find out in this article how to put glasses on baby, the sight disturbances that need the bearing of corrective lenses, the ophthalmologic exams to perform on him or her, and some tips on how to make your child accept the frames!

Baby  always known a different field of vision! That is why it is important to run an early ophthalmologic monitoring: it will allow baby to get a normal binocular sight back.

Why put glasses on baby


put glasses on baby ?

Your infant builds his or her visual acuity during the six first years of his or her life. As such, it is crucial to screen for any sight disorder in order to correct it fast. most of the time, it will be a question of how to fit him or her with the proper corrective glasses or lenses.
In order to treat the sight disturbance(s) of your child, our ophthalmologist, Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger, will prescribe eyeglasses. They can be a solution when:

  • the visual anomaly is significant;
  • refractive error creates symptoms such as migraines, ocular fatigue, baby squinting his or her eyes, etc.
  • the psychomotor development of the child is disturbed by visual disturbances.

When you put glasses on baby, it will increase his or her quality of life, his or her visual and motor development and reduce his or her visual fatigue.v

Put glasses on baby :

the ocular pathologies involved

The sight disorders that can be corrected by wearing glasses. It is mostly refractive error such as:

  • myopia (difficulties to see from afar)
  • hyperopia (or farsightedness, a blurry vision of near objects)
  • astigmatism (vision is blurry at near and far)


 A screening for strabismus can then be performed: you just have to put glasses on baby! This abnormal deviation from one or both eyes is often hereditary.

That’s why it is important to monitor it from the youngest age. Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger can give a re-education prescription with her orthoptists team here at COP9! We point out the importance of strictly following the treatments prescribed by your ophthalmologist, for baby to get a better sight!

put glasses on baby ocular pathologie

Consult an pediatric ophthalmologist to put glasses on baby

Have you noticed any visual disturbances of baby at home? You can consult a pediatrician who will perform a first vision test. This specialist can then redirect you toward an ophthalmologist specialized in pediatrics such as Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger. During this appointment, she performs further vision exams in order to dismiss any anomalies and run a thorough screening. Our orthoptist team makes the first tests, later completed by the ophthalmologist.
Before you put glasses on baby, he or she will have a set of vision exams. For example, by putting low dosed eye-drops, the specialist can screen for hyperopia with a refractometer and fundus. The visual acuity measurement is performed at our COP9 practice, a quiet space, in a parent’s arms.

Put glasses on baby :

choose the right frame !

On average, you can put glasses on baby from the age of 6 months. Our COP9 team draws your attention on how important it  is to select a frame adapted to the young child’s morphology.

A baby doesn’t have a nasal bridge, and when he or she has one, it’s too short: the frame must be adapted to this physical characteristic. We invite you to contact an optician specialized in early childhood, who will direct you toward glasses with custom made silicone nose pads, or with an ergonomic shape.

Frames are made of plastic, not metal like they are for adults. Baby will have to wear these all day long in order to correct his or her accommodation disorder. If baby suffers from hyperopia, it will decrease during adolescence, without disappearing completely.

How to

put glasses on baby ?

Do not worry, it is not mission impossible! From the youngest age, explain to him or her how important is it to keep them on: he or she will soon feel the need for glasses, especially when he or she understands she can see properly thanks to them! 

However, despite the use of elastic cords to maintain the glasses on baby, he or she may be able to take them off. Our specialists invite you not to get discouraged. Explain to the child why he or she should not take the glasses off as well as the benefits to wear them.

And more importantly, do not hesitate to contact our COP9 team and to make an appointment, if you find yourself in great need to put glasses on baby.

How put glasses on baby

As a conclusion

We inform you that, based on the visual disturbances, it is indeed to possible to put glasses on baby… But also contact lenses from the age of 6 months! Our contactologist welcomes you in our COP9 practice: she can help baby to regain a normal sight and put contact lenses on him or her during the appointment. If you found this article to your liking, do not hesitate to follow us on Instagram or Facebookfor more information on baby’s sight disorders and how to take care of his or her visual acuity!

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