[Femme Actuelle] Why do I have watery eyes?

In this blog article, we already talked about watery eyes, its causes and cares. Our eye surgeon, Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger, comes back to the topic in a new Femme Actuelle article. Interviewed by Esther Buitekant, she answers the question we all have: why do we have watery eyes? 

“As we get older, the body struggles to defend itself”

The aging can be one of the reasons why you have watery eyes! As Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger explains in the Femme Actuelle article: 

  • tears cannot evacuate as easily
  • tear ducts shrink;
  • possibly altered meibomian glands secrete less fat bodies. 

That is why it is necessary for seniors to regularly perform a screening with your ophthalmologist.

Different type of tears

Dr. Zwillinger reminds Femme Actuelle that there is more than one type of tears!

Tears are vital for the health and good functioning of your eyes: it somehow is the food of your eye-ball!

As our specialist specifies, you can find:

  • tears that hydrate the cornea;
  • tears produced by the tear ducts that are emotion based;
  • Reflex tears that evacuate any foreign body stuck in the eye.

You can resume your reading of Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger intervention on the topic of watery eyes in the Femme Actuelle article (in French) by clicking on the button below!

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