Dry eyes: effective solutions [Femme Actuelle]

Many patients come for an itchy eye, which turns red, which bothers… And above all, a feeling of dryness. At any time in your life, you can experience dry eyes: but what is the reason? Are there any treatments? In this article from French weekly magazine Femme Actuelle, Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger responds to Esther Buitekant on this question which concerns many people!

Understand why we have dry eyes

Before talking about solutions to treat dry eyes, it is important to determine the cause! Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger carries out a complete ophthalmological examination with her COP9 team during your appointment:

  • visual acuity;
  • cornea;
  • eyelids;
  • eyelashes;
  • conjunctiva ;
  • upper and lower eyelids.

In addition, it is possible to carry out a complete tear assessment in the laboratory, as well as a blood test.

So if you have dry eyes, do not hesitate to consult, and above all, tell our specialist all your symptoms, such as an itchy eye, photophobia, etc.

Dry eye syndrome brings together a set of ocular pathologies, which are discussed in this Femme Actuelle article. So don’t hesitate to consult it to find out more.

Solutions to no longer have dry eyes

To manage dry eye syndrome, there are several solutions. These will be implemented by Dr. Stéphanie Zwillinger, depending on the patient’s pathology.

Generally speaking, she advises you:

  • to wash the eyes and eyelids regularly with physiological solution;
  • to use artificial tears regularly;
  • to pay attention to your exposure to screens;
  • to reduce your alcohol and tobacco consumption;
  • to drink coffee in reasonable quantities;
  • to adapt your diet (rich in omega-3, anti-inflammatory, etc.).

To find out more about specific treatments, but also to discover that dry eye syndrome can also be caused by a faulty tear film, the COP9 team invites you to click on the link below!

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