Driving after cataract surgery: is it possible? [Femme Actuelle]

Driving after cataract surgery : a woman is driving, she is wearing sunglasses.

In this new “Femme Actuelle” article, Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger answers the following question: “Is driving after cataract surgery possible?” 

This common procedure significantly improves patients’ vision which depends on several key factors, including recovery time, medical recommendations and post-operative vision improvement.

Driving after cataract surgery: Post-Operative recovery

After cataract surgery, recovery time varies from person to person. Typically, patients may notice an improvement in their vision the day after surgery, but full recovery may take a few weeks. 

During this period, driving after cataract surgery is not recommended immediately after the surgery.  

It is essential to follow the recommendations of your eye surgeon to avoid any complications.

Driving after cataract surgery: Medical Recommendations

Healthcare professionals generally advise patients to avoid driving. 

The first postoperative days are crucial, as vision may still be blurry or unstable. Your surgeon will let you know when it will be safe to return to driving. 

It is generally recommended to wait at least a week and make sure your vision has recovered enough to drive safely.

Driving after cataract surgery: improved vision

One of the main goals of cataract surgery is to improve visual clarity. Once your vision is stable and you have received approval from your eye doctor, driving can become not only possible, but much more enjoyable and safer than before surgery.

Driving after cataract surgery is possible, but should be approached with caution and following the advice of your healthcare professional!

We invite you to discover the intervention of Dr Stéphanie Zwillinger in the magazine Femme Actuelle by clicking on the link below. (article in French)

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