Presentation of the procedure for your child’s consultation at the clinic.

Consultation of your child
Consultation of your child at the clinic

1- The orthoptist

In pediatrics, your child will first be seen by the orthoptist who will ask you the reason for your visit as well as your medical and family history.

She will check your child’s eyesight and the presence or absence of strabismus.

2- The ophthalmologist

The ophthalmologist may ask for a thorough examination of the eye in this case, drops will be instilled and you will have to wait about 1 hour.

The ophthalmologist will conclude with a summary of the examinations.

At the conclusion, she will determine the need for glasses or a consultation under cycloplegia (see previous articles), possibly the setting up of a treatment and will determine the rhythm of the necessary follow-up of your child.

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