Specialist in Glaucoma, Cataract, Pediatrics
Specialising in Paediatric Ophthalmology, cataracts, and glaucoma
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All glaucomas should be treated
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Children with signs of poor vision or eye abnormalities should be seen by a child ophthalmologist, throughout childhood and continue until adulthood.
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To treat glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal problems
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Ophthalmologist in Paris

Dr. Stephanie Zwillinger, ophthalmic surgeon and COP9 coordinator

Welcome to the website of Dr. Stephanie Zwillinger, ophthalmic surgeon and creator of The Ophthalmology Center of Paris 9.

With her COP9 team, she practices in her multidisciplinary practice at 76 rue Saint Lazare in Paris 9. Dr. Stephanie Zwillinger, ophthalmologist, has specialized in specific fields of expertise (glaucoma, pediatrics, cataract) and gives her patients friendly and professional care.

Dr. Zwillinger is an associate practitioner at the “Centre Hospitalier National d’Ophtalmologie des Quinze-Vingts” and regularly appears in the media, such as the press or on television, where she speaks as an expert on pediatric ophthalmology, cataracts, glaucoma and their medical and surgical treatment.

Whether it is for complex glaucoma, pediatric ophthalmology, cataract surgery or other ophthalmic diseases, Dr. Stephanie Zwillinger will see you by appointment in her COP9 practice in Paris. Her team will perform the necessary functional examinations so that she can diagnose and treat, medically or surgically, any possible vision disorder.

Dr. Stephanie Zwillinger is attentive to your needs and, with her team of COP9 practitioners, proposes a unique treatment for ocular diseases in her ophthalmologic center.


Screening, diagnosis, and treatment of this disease, the second leading cause of blindness worldwide


Surgery adapted to the wishes and
focusing needs of each patient


The accompaniment for the
visual development of children

COP9: a multidisciplinary center of coordinated care

The Ophthalmology Center of Paris 9 takes care of your eye health. And our team of professionals does not stop there. We don’t limit ourselves to medical treatment: we accompany you in order to help you explore your full visual and psychomotor potential

Neuro-vision, surgery, ophthalmology, orthoptics, psychomotor rehabilitation and relaxation… Our center provides you with a care area where you will be directed to the specialty that you need.

A modern and inclusive center, COP9 is a facility accessible to all. At the cutting edge of technology, our practice is equipped with the latest equipment, as well as a recent and systematically updated technical platform. Our medical team will be able to provide you with personalized support from screening to treatment, to rehabilitation.

COP9 provides a tailored response to all those who are looking for a place where a multidisciplinary team proposes a response adapted to your needs, or those of your loved ones. All of this is done in a reasonable time frame and in a comfortable care environment.

During our outpatient consultations, we take into account all aspects necessary to detect, diagnose and treat visual function impairments.

Our COP9 specialists

Your COP9 health center offers medical support with complementary specialties. Coordinated by Dr. Stephanie Zwillinger, our specialists are available for ophthalmology, orthoptics, psychomotor and contactology appointments. Dr. Stephanie Zwillinger is our ophthalmic surgeon, specializing in pediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma and cataracts. During your appointment, your visual acuity is examined, vision disorders such as strabismus, hyperopia, presbyopia, myopia, but also more complex pathologies are treated by medical or even surgical means. Our team of orthoptists accompanies our ophthalmologist. They perform your visual check-up, as well as complementary examinations such as an OCT. Orthoptics is an ophthalmological specialty that enables you to have your glasses renewed, or during an eye exam to check for possible oculomotor imbalances. If your diagnosis reveals a need for rehabilitation, you should know that it is possible to make an appointment for orthoptic rehabilitation sessions at any age! Meet our COP9 psychomotricity team: our psychomotor therapists are specialized in the care and monitoring of ophthalmological pathologies and neuromotor disorders. The treatment of these disorders ensures the development of the child’s psychomotor prerequisites. It also helps to improve the ability to adapt to change in adults and the elderly. Over the course of the sessions, the patients will enrich their postural-motor and expressive repertoire and their progress will be rapidly visible. With our contactologist, our COP9 health care center completes your ophthalmologic treatment program. Lens fitting, lens handling and hygiene procedures, pediatric lenses… Treatment with adapted lenses, such as orthokeratology, is also proposed depending on the ocular pathology. Any patient with an ocular anomaly, within the limit of diopters, can obtain a prescription for contact lenses. We invite you to make a first appointment for a contact lens fitting in order to take the plunge!

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