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Glaucoma surgery

What you need to know

Opération du glaucome

Glaucoma is an irreversible disease. Refractory, chronic or acute glaucoma may require surgery to prevent blindness. Your ophthalmic surgeon will explain to you the procedure for glaucoma surgery.

Why and how to operate a glaucoma?

Refractory, chronic, acute, congenital glaucoma… Glaucoma surgery is possible in order to lower the intraocular pressure, reduce pain and stabilize vision. In adults as well as in children, difficult cases of glaucoma eventually lead to the destruction of the optic nerve and blindness. The operation consists of a major surgical procedure performed under a microscope. Depending on the nature of the glaucoma, several techniques are offered to you under local or general anaesthetic. Trabeculectomy, the placement of a drainage valve or the destruction of the ciliary body requires a minimal immobilization of a few hours. Post-operative care involves instilling drops and applying ointments.

In children, the procedure is similar. If detected early, glaucoma can be slowed down by surgery.

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