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Glaucoma cause and symptoms

“Glaucoma cause and symptoms” an article to understand this disease

Glaucoma cause and symptoms

Glaucoma is an eye disease most often caused by an increase in eye pressure. This pathology requires a specific treatment, and in some cases a surgical intervention, in order to slow down its progression. Since the evolution of glaucoma is irreversible, it is important to be examined quickly..

Glaucoma: risk factors

The most common cause of glaucoma is an increase in pressure in the eye that leads to an obstruction of the filter for the evacuation of the aqueous humor, also called the trabeculum. This increase in pressure will eventually deform the optic disc through which the optic nerve exits. The damage to the optic nerve leads to a deterioration of the visual field. There are also other forms of the disease, such as acute glaucoma, whose causes are different. That being said, it is important to know that glaucoma also has a number of genetic causes.

Congenital glaucoma can occur in babies. Although it remains quite rare, it can be very serious. A consultation with a pediatric ophthalmologist enables the diagnosis to be made and emergency intervention to be taken.

Le glaucome congénital peut se manifester chez le bébé. S’il demeure assez rare, il peut se révéler très grave. Une consultation en ophtalmologie pédiatrique permet de poser le diagnostic et d’intervenir en urgence.

Glaucoma sypmtoms

The symptoms of glaucoma are not easily detected because the field of vision may appear normal for years.

Only an ophthalmologist can detect glaucoma by analyzing the optic nerve and performing a visual field examination.

If you have the slightest doubt, a consultation will allow us to make a diagnosis and if necessary to take action.

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