Pediatric ophthalmology

pediatric ophtalmologyA pediatric ophthalmologist is in charge of all pathologies affecting the eye, from newborns to teenagers. It should be noted that one in eight children suffers from a vision disorder. Dr. Zwillinger specializes in helping young patients and guides your child through the care and treatment of his/her visual problems.

Why you should see a pediatric ophthalmologist ?

Infant vision is not fully developed following birth and visual acuity progressively develops, until it reaches 20/20. Pediatric ophthalmology intervenes to examine children’s eyesight, whatever the condition may be.

eye of a babyChildren are not simply examined and considered as “small adults”: a special eye check is carried out by a pediatric ophthalmologist together with a fundus examination, an essential test that helps detect refractive errors and strabismus.

For high-risk children (premature babies, genetic conditions, visually impaired parents…), an appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist experienced in treating infants is recommended. Older children showing signs of visual impairment or of any ocular disorder are also advised to see a pediatric ophthalmologist on a regular basis until they reach adulthood.