Customized cataract surgery

cataract surgeryCataract is a visual trouble that appears when the eye lens becomes cloudy and opaque. Light rays cannot properly reach the retina and vision gets cloudy. However, small incision cataract surgery (SICS) can rectify this.

How is cataract surgery performed ?

Cataract surgery is a surgical procedure that lasts about ten minutes. In order to perform cataract surgery, Dr. Zwillinger makes a small incision to the side of the cornea: this will allow for a new lens to be fitted. Before that, the cataract (cloudy lens) is broken into smaller pieces and removed. The new intraocular lens can then be implanted as a replacement for the natural eye lens. Patients are allowed to return home on the same day. For a better healing process, surgery on the second eye is performed later on. In general, this surgical procedure partially helps correct long distance vision.

Post cataract surgery care

After surgery, patients return home with a personal follow-up calendar. In most cases, eye examinations are scheduled 8 days and then a month after surgery.
Patients must then follow specific care guidelines regarding cataract treatment. Recommendations are issued for them to recover in the best possible conditions. Should you have any queries before or after surgery, Dr. Zwillinger remains available to assist you and answer all of your questions in depth.