Eye surgery in Paris

ophtalmology paris S ZwillingerEye surgery is surgery performed on the eye and the surrounding area, by an eye surgeon and ophthalmologist. Surgery can be applied to multiple ocular pathologies, but Dr. Zwillinger specializes first and foremost in cataracts and glaucomas.

Preparations and precautions

Ophthalmic surgery is operated within a clinic, together with medical and paramedical teams, for an optimal security.
Surgical procedures, especially minor operations, are for the most part done under local anesthesia.
General anesthesia is particularly used with children and cases of severe traumatic lesions.

Types of eye surgery

An eye surgeon can operate several types of surgery, depending on the condition and the treatment required.
Cataract surgery replaces the cloudy lens with an artificial lens. As for glaucoma surgery, its aim is to reduce intraocular pressure (IOP).
Refractive surgery, for its part, steps in to correct refractive disorders with treatments such as keratoplasty or keratotomy, and can help reverse the effects of farsightedness.
Corneal surgery and vitreoretinal surgery – which helps treat retinal detachments – can also be performed. Last but not least, eye muscle repair surgery helps correct vision problems such as strabismus.

In all of these cases, Dr. Stephanie Zwillinger is keen to answer your questions and will advise you on the appropriate eye care and type of surgery adapted to your condition.