Eye consultation in Paris

ophtalmology paris S ZwillingerA consultation with an eye surgeon is an important appointment. Indeed, it can be used to help detect an eye disease or simply make sure that your eye health is fine. As a glaucoma, cataract and pediatric ophthalmology specialist, Dr. Zwillinger treats and guides her patients with special care.

Eye consultation procedure

To begin with, Dr. Zwillinger will ask you questions about your family background and your medical history. During your eye exam, you will be asked to read small lines of text letters and to follow or stare at a source of light. Thus, Dr. Zwillinger checks your visual acuity and may make you try corrective lenses where necessary. A consultation also consists in the measurement of your intraocular pressure. Last but not least, Dr. Zwillinger may procede to a fundus examination.

A pediatric consultation is not carried out in the same way as an adult consultation. This appointment is also dedicated to meeting your child. This type of consultation is a twofold approach, and the use of cycloplegic eye drops is usually necessary in order to better visualize the retina.

Specialist consultations and further examinations

Further eye tests may be carried out either during your initial consultation or later. Binocular vision exams, color vision tests, fundus examinations, visual field assessments… All these tests can help detect eye diseases. As a glaucoma specialist, Dr. Zwillinger conducts her eye examinations in line with this specific search, but also with her patients’ medical history and age.

Each consultation ends with the doctor’s recommendations. A prescription may be issued when necessary, together with advice and guidelines for everyday eye care.