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“AVS” for students with difficulties.

Today we introduce you to a profession that plays an important role for children with disabilities or learning difficulties


Today, what is an AVS?

The “AVS” or Auxiliaires de Vie Scolaire  (personal school assistant),  are professionals who work in elementary, middle and high schools, with disabled children, in a traditional class or in a specialized class.

They are there to ease the integration of a student into the school system and are present on a daily basis with the student and the teaching staff.

The appointment of an “AVS” depends on the support needs necessary for the student’s integration into school.

In general, the “AVS” is required to carry out four types of activities:

  • Assistance in the classroom in collaboration with the teacher
  • Helping the student move around and set up his or her equipment
  • Helping the student to manipulate the material
  • Assisting in the tuition of certain courses.

The person in charge of the child will be able to adapt to his/her specific needs.

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